Andrew White aka Andrew Weitz

Welcome to my life,

I’ll sum it up by saying ONE BIG THANK YOU

On my site I’ll share with you a bio of my life experiences in the music industry,
Sharing live concert performances in front of as many as 56’000 people, several performances with Orchestras world wide as I perform and sing many of my original songs from my solo CD’s.
I’ll also share with you music videos from several of my top 20 chart hits which I also produced and several other original song recordings from my solo CD’s, as well as recordings I produced and wrote for and from other artists.
On my site you’ll also find over 200 published song’s of mine, as well as other artists and groups developed by me. Also included are conceptual projects with world famous artists such as Dionne Warwick, Kool & The Gang, Opera Star Grace Bumbry and renowned FC Bayern Soccer Team to name a few.
I’ll also share with you my love for teaching music, piano, voice, composition, arranging, producing and business management as I managed my entire career.
Also included are present and future projects in the works.
Sit back, enjoy and as I said earlier

Welcome to my life

Andrew Weitz aka Andrew White

This site is currently under construction

Please check back soon for updates